Prototype Development

Prototype Development

There are literally hundreds or thousands of elements to take in to consideration in restaurant design. The steps in the restaurant design process can be expanded or collapsed to suit your tastes for level of detail.  There are hundreds of inter-dependent decisions and steps.  Generally, the timing of these projects can range from several very intense weeks to potentially a year or more for large-scale development projects moving at a steady pace.  As restaurant design consultants, our complete process is proprietary.

The Prototypes we have developed are:

  • ITALIANNI’S (for Carlson Restaurants)

South Florida Brand FLANIGAN’S 

Dk Architects is Proud to be a part of the Development of the Marlow’s Tavern Prototype.

Marlow’s Tavern features the “Best of the Best” in American tavern fare served in a modern atmosphere. The menu offers a diverse combination of classic dishes that are updated and elevated to a higher level. Marlow’s Tavern has a warm neighborhood yet contemporary feel that is the perfect complement to John Metz’s modern-tavern menu. “We wanted to create an approachable neighborhood spot with Marlow’s Tavern and allow our guests to enjoy great tasting food in a casual and warm environment” say Metz.

Metz’s partner Thomas DiGiorgio, the president of DK Group, a Florida-based architectural development and contract firm, designed Marlow’s Tavern. DiGiorgio focused on modern comfort utilizing a black and white motif to create a sleek fashionable look that is accented by black and white photographs and Chicago style brick walls.

A neighborhood feel is also accomplished with an open kitchen that invites diners to observe the chefs at work, communal tables in the bar and large cozy booths as part of the bar feel. Several flat screen plasma TVs are discreetly incorporated, “in-the-round”, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of shows while they dine. Marlow’s is a meeting place for all seasons with spacious patios that are open year round allowing guests to enjoy cocktails and tavern specials under the stars.



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